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I do not know if people outside of the US will get this, but it's brilliant. SNL PRESENTS A WALKEN FAMILY REUNION.

Oh Christopher Walken. I FUCKING LOVE YOU

Also I finished my essay.
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There are a lot of movies this year that look really extraordinary. Wonderful scripts, original ideas, great acting. Moon looks breathtaking.
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27 Merlin
3 banners (Merlin/Arthur)

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I don't know how I go from this to this. But I do, so enjoy.

I have suddenly remembered/renewed my ABSOLUTE LOVE for Elmo that began around the age of THREE!

"Elmo wants this tape?" "Have you ever heard of necrophilia?" "We won't tell them about that."

LONG LIVE SESAME STREET FOOLZ. I learned how to count on that show (I think, the details are hazy) but basically as a child I never had Disney or Nic or whatever it was people watched aside from badass shows like SESAME STREET AND ARTHUR and when it was still cool BARNEY. That's right. I said it. Anyways, I love Elmo, s'all.

EDIT: I PETITION FOR ELMO AND MERLIN TO COMBINE FORCES. Just imagine it. You would die of its amazingness/

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On the subject of Merlin and Arthur
which can be taken as 'on the subject of the sexualization of fandom'

This has been bothering me, and some of you (probably most of you) may disagree with me on this, but it really has been irking me and I think someone needed to write it down and get it out there so here goes.

I don’t want a romantic/sexualized relationship with Merlin and Arthur on screen. I want the love they have for each other to show on screen, but I don’t want romance. But that’s a contradiction! No, no it isn’t. Someone once said that every story is a love story, and it’s true. Look at any book or film and try to find some sort of love in there. Love of violence, love of family, love of another, love of oneself, love of nature, love of art, love of sport…it’s there.

And here’s the thing, what I think Merlin and Arthur has is…it’s deeper than a romantic relationship. They don’t have to snog each other senseless to get the point across that they trust one another unconditionally. I think the fact that both of them would risk their lives for another goes to show how inexplicably they are tied to one another. The idea that they really shouldn’t trust one another (but do), or die for one another (but would) is just another reason why what they have is something most married couples or even historical/fictional characters don’t have.

Merlin is destined to help make Arthur a great King. Arthur is fated to place unconditional trust in Merlin, a sorcerer who has so much power but only uses it to protect. Regardless of whether this is spoken or prophesied it happens…and it happens on an epic scale but also a human one, and that is what makes it so powerful. I don't think any sort of romantic relationship adds to this, perhaps because there's something so wonderful about that level of love. I also don't follow Freud's belief that everything is about sex (major over-simplification, but still).

They have the kind of connection, bond, whatever you want to call it, that brothers have. Except it’s not quite that, because they’re not exactly family. They don’t come from a similar background, and they don’t have similar skills. They’ve grown up under different conditions, in different walks of life, and the way they operate around one another isn’t over-coming social class to live happily ever after. That would be too easy. Arthurian legend or anything involving a derivation of Merlin or Arthur or Guinevere or Lancelot is anything but simple or easy. That’s why it’s so brilliant. Some of the greatest moments are obviously the ones that can be quoted and screen-capped and elaborated on, but some of the even more brilliant ones are what happen in between dialogue.

I’m going to say quite honestly that if they did kiss I would be extremely disappointed in the BBC. Some people may say they won't because it’s a family program but I think it just isn’t in the story that’s being told. You can’t make characters do something that they wouldn’t normally do, and I just don’t think the characters we see on screen or read about in books will do this.

Granted, I do read the fan fiction and I do love it to bits…but as to what’s seen on screen…I just don’t think that it should happen and I really don’t want it to happen. Contrary to Freud not everything is about sex.

I'd love to see other's opinions.
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First off WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND GOOD PICTURES OF SAMUEL ANDERS. Michael Trucco is gorgeous and yet good caps or pictures ideal for iconning? What are they, lost in space or something?

15 Battlestar Galactica icons
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
They're really quite plain but I suspect I might come back to them later and edit and add stuff. If you have any suggestions for text or anything I would loveth you.

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Pictures as promised. Most are of the beach but there are two that are sort of along the same lines as the last picture post.

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The return to home and the photography that always follows,
because my home is always more photographic than college,
even when the grass is dead and everything looks a bit like a wasteland.

the great expanse, a return to home )
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TitleBut nothing comes
Rating PG-13
Author [livejournal.com profile] brightedelweis
Word Count 1,262
Summary The aftermath of the reveal in which Arthur doesn’t yell, doesn’t accuse, doesn’t make any sorts of demands. It’s the worst feeling Merlin’s ever had.

He would have been ready for the fists and the noise… )
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a billy&dom at the independent spirit awards picspam

EEH BILLY AND DOM who, in my opinion, are one of the greatest duos of all time (though...I don't think they're my favorite). If I can figure out how to press a button and leave my computer to cap movies the greatest onscreen duo of all time will come. The members: PAUL NEWMAN AND ROBERT REDFORD. Anyways, Billy and Dom are still amazing...and I don't know if anyone's seen these so here you go!

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1-12 Merlin
13-15 James McAvoy
16 stock
17 Paul Newman
18 Slumdog Millionaire text

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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From AP and our friends at Houghton Mifflin: NEW YORK – An early, long-unpublished work by J.R.R. Tolkien is coming out. “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun,” a thorough reworking in verse of old Norse epics that predates Tolkien’s writing of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, will be published in May by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. According to Houghton, the book will include an introduction by Tolkien and notes by his son, Christopher Tolkien. J.R.R. Tolkien, whose fantasy novels have sold millions of copies, died in 1973. “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” was written in the 1920s and ’30s, when the author was teaching at Oxford University.

Not only is this Tolkien (who I love, adore and probably worship just a bit). It's NORSE MYTHOLOGY. *spazz* I just hope...it's more exciting than the Silmarilion because WOW that book was impossible to read.

My only question is how come no one else is spazz-tically excited about this? Or am I just not looking closely enough. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE READ TWILIGHT.
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Title The Oak Tree: Wyatt
Author [livejournal.com profile] brightedelweiss
Words 4,102
Rating PG-13 (language)
Summary This is sort of AU in the future, but not really. I suppose you could say that it is INSPIRED but that it won't work out quite the same way. Simply put, this is the story of Emrys Grey, and this is where he meets Wyatt Crawford.

This chapter has been a long time coming *wink to the person who KNOWS I'm winking at them*

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Emrys made a few mistakes in the beginning of his traveling... )
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So a while ago I started this list of book recommendations. It was supposed to be just pure real fiction, but I...love fantasy so that one sort of failed. Here's what I ended up with today after I was thinking of things and browsing amazon. I'll probably post up a part two when I've come up with more, or I've finalized some thoughts and things on others. BUT FOR NOW: enjoy and hopefully you'll find something YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL THIS TIME.

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I'm impressed Newsweek. You're pretty clever, and DAMN your Barack Impression is much better than the unfortunate SNL one. Imas Crosson is very good, he has the cadence of Barack's voice down perfectly.
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1-16 Merlin
17-19 Colin Morgan
20-22 Katie McGrath
23-24 Watchmen
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