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27 Merlin
3 banners (Merlin/Arthur)

so how should i presume? )
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First off WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND GOOD PICTURES OF SAMUEL ANDERS. Michael Trucco is gorgeous and yet good caps or pictures ideal for iconning? What are they, lost in space or something?

15 Battlestar Galactica icons
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They're really quite plain but I suspect I might come back to them later and edit and add stuff. If you have any suggestions for text or anything I would loveth you.

doctor my eyes )
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1-12 Merlin
13-15 James McAvoy
16 stock
17 Paul Newman
18 Slumdog Millionaire text

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all these things that i've done )
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1-16 Merlin
17-19 Colin Morgan
20-22 Katie McGrath
23-24 Watchmen
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I didn't ask to be chosen )
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1-5 Andy Schleck
6 Lance Armstrong
7 The Beatles
8-14 PRESIDENT Barack Obama
15-25 Skins + Cast
26 Merlin
27-29 Dhani Harrison
30-35 Jamie Bell
36+37 Penelope

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maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you )
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21 Merlin icons; various episodes.

and because of all the tears... )
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28 Merlin: Le Morte d'Arthur

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ETA just a note: Colin Morgan in the rain was probably the best thing to happen to this episode. Not really, but SERIOUSLY just look at him. Kills me every time.

in your darkest hour )
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one of my icons...is now FLAIR on facebook. That is so weird. And um...I'm insulted no one asked me for permission for that. THAT'S RIPPING bitches RIPPING. That is total taboo in the graphics world. Not only is it rude, inconsiderate but technically it's stealing someone's work. OH...and way to go on making it uglier.

it's the 8th one fuglified


There are other icons there that I know belong to people that regularly post icons. I don't know if I can properly show how angry and insulted I am.
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1-4 sam riley
5-18 art/fashion
19-40 merlin
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like a needle needs a vein )
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[1-3] icons entered at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_stills
[3-6] naomi watts
[7-8] james mcavoy
[9] bradley james off of merlin extras
[10-21] merlin

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have a little faith... )
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[1-2] Billy Elliot
[4-6] Jamie Bell
[7-24] Supernatural

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teddy bear doctors )
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I don't why these took so long, but they did. I think it was because I wanted them to come out well.

18 Merlin icons

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mrs. de winter )
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I made Smallville icons of Committed, because there were just so many great moments...or really just ones involving Lois and Clark.

[8] Smallville
[2] animated Matthew Goode icons

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do you love him? )
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The BBC's Merlin amuses me. I have no idea why, because the historical/mythical accuracy was just, ah, forgotten? I dunno. It would have been cool to see some of Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy come to life but clearly that wasn't their aim. Instead Uther hates magic (which is weird because he USES MAGIC TO IMPREGNATE IGRAINE WITH ARTHUR, with the help of Merlin of course), Arthur is a bit of a tool (which is also weird because I'm pretty sure he grew up thinking he was an orphan and not well born), Morgana is Uther's ward (could still turn out to be Arthur's half sister, then again can the BBC do incest?), GET THIS SHIT: Guivivere is half black, a servant, and Morgana's servant (ummm...there isn't even a SINGLE similarity with anything I've ever read...and I've read A LOT OF King Arthur).

The dialogue is slightly modern day, stuff like 'thanks' and conjunctions...at least they all have accents though. Yeah it's crazy crap but it amuses me, so I iconned it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
comments welcome! you can take them too, but just host and credit!
into the mists of avalon.. )
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The doctor who ones I made ages ago, and then modified just recently, but the SPNage is all new. Enjoy! Comment, take 'em (credit and host if you do)!

[1-14] Supernatural S4.01 Lazarus Rising
[15-25] Doctor Who

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here we go again )
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I iconned it. Because I found screencaps. Very guilty.

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I'm a man everybody! I'm a man! )
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So I was watching this episode of Robin Hood today. And in between thoughts of how ridiculous their outfits are (marian and guy's specifically) I decided that I ought to make some icons for it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

no merry men here )
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I have a paid account! *dances* Story? Well graduation is frickin' amazing and so...I ended up with a 50 dollar visa gift card. haha and you can use it to pay online *pumps fist in the air*

I also got the kick ass camera (told that here before) and took some pictures. Here are the results.

deeper in the night )

1-6 Shia LaBeouf
7-9 Natalie Portman
10-21 Jamie Bell
22-25 Saoirse Ronan
26 Beatles
27 James McAvoy

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no exit )
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I absolutely balled in this episode. I think I did the same thing last season, but this one was just as emotional - if not more - and I just lost it.

20 No Rest for the Wicked icons
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May. 12th, 2008 05:36 pm
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So this is just a start, but I felt like making quote icons and I felt like doing famous ones. If anyone has any suggestions for more I'd gladly make them. They're all really iconic movie ones...

[9] famous quote icons

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what we've got here is a failure to communicate )


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