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1-5 Andy Schleck
6 Lance Armstrong
7 The Beatles
8-14 PRESIDENT Barack Obama
15-25 Skins + Cast
26 Merlin
27-29 Dhani Harrison
30-35 Jamie Bell
36+37 Penelope

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maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you )
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[1-2] Billy Elliot
[4-6] Jamie Bell
[7-24] Supernatural

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teddy bear doctors )
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I iconned it. Because I found screencaps. Very guilty.

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I'm a man everybody! I'm a man! )
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I have a paid account! *dances* Story? Well graduation is frickin' amazing and so...I ended up with a 50 dollar visa gift card. haha and you can use it to pay online *pumps fist in the air*

I also got the kick ass camera (told that here before) and took some pictures. Here are the results.

deeper in the night )

1-6 Shia LaBeouf
7-9 Natalie Portman
10-21 Jamie Bell
22-25 Saoirse Ronan
26 Beatles
27 James McAvoy

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no exit )
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So some of these are stock-piled...but some I made just recently. Either way they're posted here...

Photobucket gossip girl Photobucket

[5] Chace Crawford as Nate
[1] Gossip Girl pose
[7] Supernatural Jus In Bello
[1] Scarlett Johansson
[1] Christian Bale
[5] Jamie Bell

oh everybody's smoking but no one's getting high... )
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I'm back from Canada! Yays...with a cold, but stuff like that happens so I'm getting over it. Anyways I've got some icons and some other random creations.

1-8 A New Hope: Luke
9-18 James McAvoy
1 Jamie Bell blend

star wars Photobucket james mcavoy

little boy lost )


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