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I don't know where the little branch near the middle tree came on, but I JUST noticed it when I was uploading.

Our dog Rose. Short of Rose of Sharon/Rosasharn (Grapes of Wrath). She's almost 13, sort of going death, and her brother, Gus, died about...3 years ago. She's liver spotted (which means her spots are not black, but...liver colored? We've had dalmatians since before I was born (Tom Joad...also a Grapes of Wrath reference). THEY ARE NOT MEAN. They are just hyperactive and very energetic, if you don't let them run off steam...well expect jumping and barking. The whole biting thing comes from the environment they'be been raised in. Curly (in the picture below) has let little kids pull his ears and done nothing but look adorable. When I was little I climbed all over Joady...he did nothing.

Curly Joe. We adopted him when he was a year old (when we still had Gus). He is the silliest dalmatian I've ever seen. We get comments all the time about how he's so handsome (you can't tell in this picture, but he has droopy/blood shot eyes) and clearly no one has seen a handsome dalmatian before.

Todd, who made his miraculous return (for a second time) on New Years day. I've had staring contests with him.

Kinky. We did not name him. It's cause his fur is rough. We think he's part Rex, but we're not exactly sure. He's adorable.

These are NOT stock images, but if you would like to use one, send me a message and I'll consider it.
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